Elisabetta Foradori – her wines and philosophy

And what is the main aim of agriculture in general?

It´s to feed man and let feel him good. Not only physically, also spiritally. If food, also wine, has a positive energy it will bring this energy into your body. And this ain´t just a physical experience. It´s also a mental experience.

Just recently on Friday I had a chance to visit Tartu´s new wine bar Reserva. This trip gave me a good opportunity to taste all Elisabetta Foradori´s wines (special thank you to Kalle Müller).

My path discovering biodynamic wines continued..

All the things I had to live through (0°C freezing weather, 186 km and moderate snow storm) but then again to think of it all the wines were absolutely worth it. Excatly every single one of them.

Elisabetta Foradori is female wine producer from Trentino who makes magic with Italy´s antique and almost instinct grape varieties such as Nosiola, Manzoni Bianco and Teroldego.

Here I recommend to read Eric Asimov´s (The Times´s wine critic) article about Teroldego and Foradori:

There were 2 white wines from which Manzoni Bianco impressed me more. Won´t say anything bad to Nosiola – vibrant, medium full bodied, complex and fruit driven white beauty which was served at 15°C. But Manzoni was more arcane and strange to me.

Manzoni Bianco was opened and decanted at 6:00pm and served around 20:30pm. The wine was again full bodied (god, how I love those white wines), oily and little bit cloudy. The notes of chaenomeles and paradise apple drove me crazy. Unforgettable scent of strong fruits and acacia was supported by good balance of acidity.

Morei and Sgarzon – I like them both. Sgarzon resembled  to me more likely a Shiraz variety. Nice herbs and spices. Confusing ripe fruit notes with juicy and luscious body but then again showed power at the back. Long lingering spices at the end.

And Granato – really fantastic wine. Had multible layers of berry tannins, ripe fruits combined with leather and moderate smokiness. Body of the wine was like Pushkin´s autumn – warm forest, foliage and nature´s scent.

And I have to say I´m very lucky again. Our little firm imports Foradori wines to Estonia. So what could be more better than to represent wines you sincerely like.

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