sommelier´s dream

Since January I moved partly to Helsinki and started my job at 2 Michelin star restaurant Chez Dominique as a sommelier. For a young wine connoisseur it was an exciting job opportunity and quite a challenge :)

Now I can tell you I´m very happy that I chose that job. I´ve been in Estonian restaurant life for a while now and have never seen such a life like in Chez D.

Every evening is like a great play. It feels like you are one among other actors who  has it´s own role to play. The feeling is magnificent when the evening is over and you can see happy faces and smiles leaving. The feeling is beyond words…

And what concerns about sommelier job, I have to tell you that probably nowhere in Estonia you can´t do such a sommelier work like in high profile resturant like I am in right now. That´s for sure. The playground is hugh, and finally I feel like I´m god among wines.

I can try, use and sell wines I´ve only dreamed and read on books. How great is that!

Until now it´s been busy for me and my other sommelier colleague. First it was Dom Perignon vintage champagne tasting weeks and now rules Moët & Chandon with it´s Grand Vintages.

I will start updating for some wine new for sure now.

– Kristina

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