Have been tasting some really freakin´ good wines…


Corton-Charlemagne Grand Cru 2006, Bonneau du Martray – who knows maybe understands. Yes young vintage but then again I sensed something I have never felt before in a wine. Elegance and finesse got a new level. Some really thin white spring flowers combined with magnificent acidity. It was so juicy and well balanced at the same time.

Silex 2007 and 2008 by Didier Dagueneau. I also had a chance to try his another cuveé called Pur Sang (pureblood). I really am seduced by its style of Sauvignon Blanc. The heavier, more full bodied style combined with shy lingering minerality.

La Closerie“Les Béguines´´ Jérôme Prévost – thank you Aki Summanen, you who introduced it to me few week ago. I still can´t get it out of my head. Non-dosage champagne made totally out of Pinot Meunier. Estate named La Closerie is some around 2 ha ap. 40 year old Pinot Meunier vines. Can you imagine a champagne like that?!

Shiraz 2009 Bishop by Ben Glaetzer / My significant other opened the doors to Shiraz world and since that we have started to haunt down worlds best Shiraz´s. Just recently I got a opportunity to taste Glaetzer´s family Shiraz. Bishop 09 was very beautiful and everything we hoped we got in every sip. Full bodied and concentrated on the nose: silky plummy notes playing with moccha and leather. Taste so smooth and silky. It seems like a bite of spices, black bread and velvety tannins. Next goal is to find and try their superior Shiraz Amon-Ra (Shiraz vines up tp 140 years old).

Those wines have inspired me lately.. will definitely continue commenting some interesting things I find..


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