Home clubbing

So it´s Friday evening and I have been 5 days straight practising for my Baltics Championship.

Today I failed a blind tasting big times.  After a dinner I had to blind taste a glass of red wine properly according to WSET and all those other laws in 3,5 minutes. Everything went well, I even had time to recommend food. But the most hurtful thing was the grape variety – I thought that it´s some Chianti or weird jammy Aussie Shiraz. It was Patagonia Merlot. Epppic fail. Merlot is something I really have adored secretly. It´s only enjoyable/drinkable when it´s top produced. But this time it was New World Argentina 10 euro Merlot. What a lesson.

No clubbing until Baltics. Just cheap Merlot, testing my new camera and Ellen Degeneres show. And full moon!!! :)

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