Viini, Ruoka & Hyvä Elämä (click me)

Wine Exhibition was just marvellous. Great experience and honor to work with such professionals like you Matias, Christoffer and Timo. For 3 days we served top champagnes like: Krug Grande Cuvee, Veuve Clicquot Ponsardin La Grande Dame 2004, Moët&Chandon Grand Vintage 2004, Dom Ruinart 2002 and the Dom Perignon 2004. The last one is a new vintage released in Finland couple of days ago and was quite popular pick among tasters.

I was able to taste all of the champagnes and still I have to admit that Krug remained my favourite one. New Dom Perignon was also great but then again after 7 years of aging, was fresh and acidic . Only time can bring more out of  2004 and especially from special cuvees! 2004 vintage is known for the largest harvest in Champagne history due to high yields. Bruno Paillard described the vintage “Not only [is] the maturity there, but also the acidity is high, which is a great necessity for us in Champagne,” said Bruno Paillard.

Yes the acidity is dominating in 2004 but it´s not a bad thing. Just tells us to buy those 04´s and hold for special occasions. I had a chance to taste La Grande Dame by VCP for the first time in my life. A new La Grande Dame 04 was fresh and full of acidic tree fruits. A lot of greenish notes combined with high mineral level. It wasn´t bad but wouldn´t be my first choice right now. Maybe after 10 years.

Took some nice pictures from all of the trip. Hope you enjoy.

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