Baltic Grand Prix 2013

Baltic Sommelier Grand Prix is done and over. Feeling quite exhausted even it´s Monday morning.

Congratulations Ronalds Petersons. You were by far the best competitor and you deserve the 1st place!

2nd place went to our Kristjan Markii. We are so proud of you!! And the 3rd was for another Latvian sommelier Kaspars Reitups.

All I can say about my performance is what I heard from few jury members, that I was next in line to get into finals. Stupid 0,5 point. Then again it showed me that I was so close and my hard training has payed off.

The hole event was well organized. We stayed at Tallink Hotel Riga.

We had a fantastic international jury: Sören Polonius from Sweden. He is amongst Sweden’s most recognized sommeliers with a number of titles to his name since 2003. Tim Vollerslev – a famous and recognized sommelier from Denmark ( And presidents from each baltic country: Kristel Nõmmik (Estonia), Urvo Ugandi (Estonia, Liviko), Arūnas Starkus (Lithuania) and Martins Tomsons (Latvia).

A few words about the competition. 4 finalists were announced after written, blind and practical test results on a second day. The final 4 had several tasks on stage like description of 2 wines and blind tasting of 5 spirits; correcting a list of sweet wines; recognizing pictures of famous wine personelle, estates etc; serving a correct sparkling wine to 3 jury members in 3 minutes; aerating a correct chablis grand cru for jury and a quite a peculiar task of choosing a correct wine  to a dish that Mārtiņš Rītiņš had prepared on stage.

To sum it all what I experienced in Latvia with one word, it was BEAUUUUTIFUL! ;)

And good new next time Baltic competition will be in Estonia and probably takes place in Pärnu.

Until next time!

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