Estonia got its first vegan restaurant

Happy to announce good news – Tallinn has its first vegan place. Just this morning had a lunch there and I´m full of good emotions : )

It´s in the heart of Old Town (Rataskaevu 12) just next to other places like Rataskaevu 16, Von Krahl Theater and Von Krahl Aed (my restaurant).


Place is small and cozy with around 25-30 places.





Staff was friendly and helpful. Menu contains of 6 appetizers, few soups, 7 main courses and desserts. It was full of interesting combinations of  pure greeness, nuts, chickpeas etc.

Since I´m big fan of spicy food and mushrooms I found a dish quite quickly but more I observed more difficult it was..


Fresh salad with fried spicy mushrooms, different nuts and seeds with dressing. And it was 5 euros. I have to say the price level is amazing, from 3.50 to 8 euros.

Vegan restaurant is a place where you can order club mate! Just recently imported to Estonia!!

So happy and satisfied.

While visiting Estonia must eating places you will find in Rataskaevu street!


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    1. It´s a mate soft drink which has caffeine. Has low sugar and calorie level.
      Basically healthier energy/soft drink than coke and other energy drinks.
      In western European countries it´s quite popular.
      And it really tastes good, especially mate coke. Never gonna drink coca cola again!! :D

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