Next chapter: London

Couple of weeks ago I moved to London. One dream ✓.

The main reason for such a big step was because of my wish to continue my [wine] studies. Why not to get international cert, set some higher goals and fulfill bigger dreams. Every single day reminds me of the fact – you only live once!

First week passed like few seconds. Though it was really awesome. I visited many legendary wine shops, bought some few nice bottles and only wondered what journey lies ahead me.

First I visited Hedonism wines – a luxury wine & spirit shop in Mayfair which is owned by one Russian bussinessman. Store has two floors, special big cabinet for Chateau d´Yquem, exceptional choice of Champagne, thousands on wines and spirits and 8 Enomatic maschines what they change every week. That was mind blowing I can tell you that.

One of the most legendary wine merchants is Berry Bros. & Rudd (Berry Brothers & Rudd) on St. James Street. It opened its doors in 1698 making it on of the oldest merchants. The company sells wine all around the world including en primeur wines from major countries. It has been a supplier for Royal Family since the reign of King George III (1738-1820). Berry Bros & Rudd was also the first to open online shop in 1995. The shop itself was like an hidden antiques shop in the middle on vain and gallant luxury shops starting from Louis Vuitton and yacht shops.

In South Kensington there is another UK well respected fine wine importer Roberson Wine. Such wines like Tahlbik, Claredon Hill, Penfold, Bitouzet-Prieur, Billecart-Salmon etc).

I attended Christmas Wine tasting at Westmister´s Churchyard last Sunday. Two tickets cost us 46 pound. First it seemed a lot of money but after the tasting I would say it was a fair fee. Dozens of importers were represented.

I´m really thrilled to be here. So many opportunities, nice people and good wine. Cheers!

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