Elevated riskiness in wine choices

Here´s a little story of my recent weird experiences. Just lately I´ve come a across with people who just intensionally pick untraditional wines. I don´t understand whether they think “how bad can it be´´ or they just don´t want to listen to me.

Explaining them in detail uniqueness of the wine and obscure side. Describing biodynamic dimensions and depth what the wine can offer and sensational oxidative notes. Here are 2 lates misfortunate picks by guests. (I work in London Mayfair´s Michelin start restaurant Murano. Will write about that cool place soon!)

They both are biodynamic wines made from Fiano grape in Campania. Don Chiciotte is produced by Pierluigi Zampaglione. It´s a tiny farm with only 2 ha of vines (6200 plants per 1 ha). Their Fiano is completely 100% natural wine. They do long maceration on lees, use wild yeast and no filtration. The result is extreme, high acidic-mineralic wine. Wine has wide array of candied citrus peel and oxidative notes.  The wine is not for everyone! A same story with Gaia Fiano. In a way truly amazing natural non-filtered wine. But yet again not everybody would like it.

After those misfortunate incidents I´ve started to think about people. Surely for now on I will try harder to determine people and avoid them making risque´ choices.

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