Londoners: Keep an eye on Golden Company

Golden Co is social enterprise. Their profits are re-invested for their community. They work with a small number of young people from the local areas, supporting, teaching young people and staff in their personal and career development.

One of their projects was with my Head Chef Philippa Lacey (Murano). They learned how to make pasta. And believe it not with edible worm touch.

Last Saturday they sold that fresh pasta at Borough Market and I thought why not to support them and try something new. Never tried that kind of pasta. And here is a nice video to sum it all up:

It was really nice experience – Bagliore Di Pasta, Fresh fettuccine pasta with mealworm and tomato. Ingredients: organic wheat flour, tomato puree, free range eggs, Tenebrio Molitor (mealworm) flour, semolina. Just put in hot water, bring to boil for 3 min. Peace of cake! The result was great. Added some shrooms, few drops of truffle oil and tomatoes from my Grandmothers veggie garden. Excellento!

What is also interesting about Golden Co is that they are beekeepers. Learning about bees, their lifecycle, how to support them and extract honey to sell it. What a wonderful idea! They look after hives in St. Mary´s Secret Garden. Since my Grandmother used to be also a beekeeper I grew up in a fascinating place where I could see it, do it, taste it and experience it thoroughly (not to mention few dozen of stings per summer season for sure). My fear and admiration is still within me for bees and beekeepers. One thing is for sure, when I will retire I will become an awesome beekeeper (not to buy that stupid unhealthy white sugar from the shops).

New present for my Grandmother

Just to remind you: bees are the best indicators how healthy your area / environment is!!

So looking for a good gift idea:


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