Moët UK Sommelier of the Year 2016 regional finals

Regional finals today will determine next best 3 competitors running for the Sommelier of the Year 2016 title here in Grosvenor Hotel.

First task was to identify 4 wines stating 1. Grape 2. Origin of country 3. Region 4. Vintage 5. Has there been used oak during vinification.

Wines for blind tasting were provided by Matthew Clark / see them below:

After blind tasting theoretical test followed. Most of the questions were easy, but then there were those which I had just to guess. Heres some examples:

  1. Name the origin of country and raw material: Sotol, Agwa, Black Cow, Mate, Gunpowder.
  2. UKVA stands for..?
  3. With what country these grapes are associated: Bandola, Gamaret, Cornalin.
  4. Name the regions for these Australian producers: Charles Melton, Bass Philip, Moss Wood, Clonakilla, Larry Cherubino, Arras, Brokenwood, Chamber.
  5. State the region Rioja or Ribera del Duero to following Spanish producers: Roda, Alion, Altadi, Aalto, Contador, Muga, Pesquera, Allende.
  6. How is river Douro called in Spain? :)

After test 3 min interview followed where you had to justify of picking new supplier to your Hotel which had 200 rooms.

Finalist were picked and they had to go through 3 tasks during 17 minutes.

  1. Decantation of Henschke’s 2006 Hill of Grace which had a screw cap!
  2. Wine and beverage recommendation to a set menu (3 courses). Money was no object!
  3. Describing a glass of white wine commercially and suggesting 3 courses using English products.

The last tasks was one of my favourites. Only one contestant didn’t use technical systematic approach to wine and gave a beautiful overall description.

The last task for all was the famous Moët pouring: 8 glasses, 6 min, restaurant scene.

And here are the winner, who will compete in finals 16th of May with other winners from different regions across UK.

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