Tofu – cheese from China

Tofu..tofu /cheese from China as Benjamin Franklin once said while visiting London.

It’s a weird thing. Most of my life didn’t know what it is or how is it made.
Lately started using and testing it. Seems rather interesting, bland, at first tasteless.

firm tofu

Here in London, there’s a huge selection of tofus. From silken smooth to category 5, which I think resembles something like a mature goat cheese. Fritted, fried, baked, scrambled, crusted, grilled so on.. there is dozens and hundreds of ways how to prepare it. Just open google and discover.


Tofu -> bean curd. From processing beans, you get soy milk, which then you have to coagulate and form into white blocks.

  • tofu is high in protein & B-vitamins
  • low in fat

Here’s a link to interesting tofu recipe..will try it tomorrow:

4 thoughts on “Tofu – cheese from China

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    1. Hei Ellanor,

      Many thanks for the feedback. I will try it out for sure.
      I did the biggest mistake ever, as I didn’t take in count the density of silken tofu :D So I sliced the tofu, mixed it with 1 egg, then with sesame seeds and next tried to fry them. It was a total disaster. I kind of forgot how soft the tofu was, so as I tryed to fry it, it eventually became something which resembled scrambled eggs. At least I tried. But for sure will continue experimenting. Thanks again :)

      1. You’re welcome!
        I can’t tell you how many failed experiments I had with tofu when I was using it for the first time. I didn’t even know that it came in silken, firm, extra firm, etc. How my cooking with it has improved since!
        Although what you made really doesn’t sound that bad if you only added some seasoning … :P I hope you wouldn’t get put off and would continue to experiment with it, because it is so versatile.

      2. Thanks again Ellanor!
        I will most definitely continue testing it. I found tofu way back ca 2008 when I first visited Japan, but just now started testing it. So.. my relationship with it will gradually continue. :D Fun and weird thing.

        Cheers, Ellanor!

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