Friday night

Quality Friday evening with the best of Mark Selby (and Amontillado)!

Here’s a legendary maximum break from 2013 cup vs Walden. (never tired of watching it!)

how I spend Friday evening alone..

Just few days ago bought a nice bottle of Amontillado by Bodegas Rey Fernando & Castilla from Whole Food Market Kensignton. £14.99 (75cl)

Outstanding nose: hazelnut, almond, apothecary, olives, sea breeze. I love that oxidative scent. And the palate is clean, classical dry with medium prolonged finish. The taste core came straight up full of (sigh!) nuts, forest, leaves, olive brine, seaweed, salty fingers, salted caramel et cetera. Oloroso and Amontillado are very difficult to describe for me.

..and to finish it off, with a Oliver Dene Jones -> known as Skream.

parklife weekends performances day two 2 120611

Croydon based influential electronic mastermind. Grew up from dub world.  Just 1 year older than me (’86)!


Considered one of the biggest, influential and developing artists in the music scene.
Labels: Tempa, Tectonic, Big Apple

stalk here for more info:


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