Mere Restaurant

Had a chance to visit Monica and David Galetti’s new restaurant in Fitzrovia. Located on Charlotte Street, hidden between busy restaurants and cafeterias.

Upon arriving you are welcomed to the bar area.

The dining room is located on ground floor. Neutral shades with modern interior reflect a perfect harmonious atmosphere.

A great selection of starters and mains from a la carte and a 6-course tasting menu option was…

There was no question but to have a tasting menu.

All the courses were great, but I have to highlight the main course and the cheese. The overall taste of the lamb was probably the best I have ever had.
The cheese ”P’tit Basque” as the name says refers to Basque origin. 100% sheep’s milk cheese was thinly shaved for exact few mouthful portions. With verjus jelly and seeded cracker, it was a divine tasteful clash of umami-rich notes.

If to only mention what (I would ) to design a bit further more is the ham hock dish with broth. I love ham hock. It was very nice and sublime. But just the broth and few veggies did not lift up the dish. Green watercress doughyboy was nice addition for eyes and for the texture, but overall again did not pay any dominant role.

Service was outstanding: attentive, warm and professional.
The Head Sommelier is Sandra Bein. I almost didn’t recognize her from Le Gavroche times.
Once again she did a little brainstorming next to the main courses, giving some red wine. Have to admit, haven’t done any trainings or blind tastings, I was very pleased to find out that I guessed the wine correctly > New Zealand Pinot Noir.

Mere Team – thank you for the superb evening. We enjoyed it a lot. Will speak and recommend highly of you. David, Monica and Sandra – good luck in your new venture(s). You have been just 2 months open! Hope you prosper and gain proper acknowledgement what you deserve!

Will keep an eye on you :) Bisous!

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