The Real Wine Fair

Natural wine movement is ON and ON. We are living the dream life and witnessing a true wine revolution. Just take a moment, take one step out of the box and think about it. We are living in 2017. More than 10 years back not lot of people knew about the terms ”natural wine” or ”orange wine”.

7th and 8th of May 17′ (today / tomorrow) is taking place a hugh wine fair. Luckily is very close were I live, just 10 min to walk with me SE 2018 fabulous crutch > Tobacco Dock.

As always, the Fair will introduce you to over 150 of the most artisanal organic and biodynamic winemakers from all over the world, with over 700 wines. It has been held 2 years. This year as I read the theme is diversity.

The Real Wine Fair is organised by some enthusiastic companies.. The name is a bit funny. It’s just like a bit opposing to Raw Fair.

Was a nice surprise to see Franz Weninger from Austria.

He poured some nice Blaufränkisch. What caught my eye was his orange wine made in Hungarian side. Franz told a bit sad story about the origin of that particular wine. The wine came from very old vineyard which was leased. Weninger wanted to buy it, but the other part refused and the leasing contract ended. So basically 2015 was last vintage. It is nr 1 amazing orange wine I have ever had. Made from Zenit grape; crossing between Bouvier and Ezerjo.
– 2 weeks skin fermentation
– unsulphured
– bottled after 8 months settling in the bottle

And here it is:

I saw my very good and old friend, Marko Mägi.

He recommended me to try Furmint by one Austrian producer Michael Wenzel. 2016 label reminded me of somewhat Hokusai wood painting of the Wave.

Was amazing experience. Will recommend to visit it next year. Will def go myself aswell.

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