Willi Schaefer

On my recent journey to find best possible match to Anglo’s strawberry dessert I once again tasted some fine German Riesling’s. Decision had to be made quickly.
And there was little doubt of choosing Willi Schaefer.



Their 2 parcels are located in Graacher Drompropst, Graacher Himmelreich and Wehlener Sonnenuhr.
Two ha parcel in Himmelreich village is qualified as Grosse Lage. Grosse Lage is a titel is given to very top best vineyards in Germany. Graacher Himmelreich is larger 87 ha steep vineyard where soils are weathered clay and blue slate. Wine produced from these sites are particularly expressive and have enormous potentsial to age.

Graach has produced wine hundred of years. It’s hard to believe the fact that region has many places where ungrafted vine still excist. Schaefer has 60-70% ungrafted vines.

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pic courtesy -> Weinkrake.com

Estate’s annual production varies from 2000-3000 cases depending on a vintage.
All three parcels are based on Devon shale soil.
This small German, Mosel estate is run by Willi his son Christoph.

> find some more interesting on the producer + interview visiting Weinkrake.com page http://www.weinkrake.com/en/winery-willi-schaefer/

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