High altitude wine seminar focusing on Alto Adige

Today I had a great pleasure to take part in a seminar about Alto Adige high altitude wines. It was curated by MW Nancy Gilchurch, Werner Waldboth and Andi Punter (Franz Haas).

As climate is constantly changing and wine producers are moving away from equator furthermore north or south, there are significant areas where global warming or water scarcity doesn’t reach.. one of those would be Alto Adige. And the secret is elevation. A northern Italian wine region which is so sheltered and hidden away that with its high altitude vineyards give profound evidence on high-quality wines with remarkable aging potential.

Yes, we all have heard about that region, but let me just mention few refreshing facts:

Alto Adige is a region representing 0.7% of Italy’s total production
98% of regions wines fall into DOC category
75% of production is by co-op’s
25% produced wines belong to wine estates

To expand your wine business is very expensive. To acquire land in Alto Adige region 1ha could cost you 800,000 to 1m euros.

Here’s some scribble and additional information from that region and from todays seminar:

W.Waldboth & A.Punters comments on recent vintages:

2013 – very strong hail occurred / Cab.S & Moscato Rosa suffered the most
2014 – ”nightmare” vintage, was very rainy > wines possessed less alcohol levels
2015 – hot & dry vintage / was very good for heat-loving grape varieties
2016 – good, warm vintage, was easy to grow grapes
2017 – worst vintages > lot of rain

Here are great line up of the wines we tasted (highlighted wines are my favourites):
1. Alto Adige Brut Athesis 2014, Kettmeir – Santa Margherita
2. Alto Adige Pinot bianco Tecum 2015 (Magnum), Castelfeder
3. Alto Adige Pinot bianco kunst.stück 2014, Cantina Kaltern
4. Alto Adige Valle Isarco Sylvaner Praepositus 2016, Abbazia di Novacella
5. Alto Adige Val Venosta Riesling 2015, Falkenstein
6. Alto Adige Müller-Thurgau Feldmarschall 2016, Tiefenbrunner
7. Alto Adige Kerner Graf 2017, Cantina Meran
8. Alto Adige Valle Isarco Kerner Aristos 2016, Cantina Valle Isarco
9. Alto Adige Sauvignon B Praesulis 2016, Gump Hof – Markus Prackwieser
10. Alto Adige Sauvignon Porphyr & Kalk 2016
11. Alto Adige Pinot Nero 2014, Franz Haas
12. Alti Adige Pinot Nero Krafuss 2014, Alois Lageder

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