Glenfarclas – The Familiy Casks series

Grants family has run Glenfarclas distillery since 1860.
Their long aged single malts are highly regarded and considered as one of the best in Scotland. Glenfarclas means ”Glen of the Green Grassland”.

They are known for whiskies which have mild sherry accent, subtle sweet-fruity character and overall butterscotch notes.
Since they are privately owned and don’t depend on shareholders they have extensive collection of vintage whiskies.
The Family Casks series offer single malts from 1952-1998.

Had a wonderful tasting experience with Glenfarclas Family Cask series, hosted by George Grant.

Glenfarclas 1955 / £8,300
Posesses depth and rich flavours of dried fruits, butterscotch, dried banana aswell signature notes of that typical dash sweetness.

Glenfarclas 1962 / £5,400
Underlying dryness, dried fruits, bitter coffee notes. Pronounced, fiery, loads of spices. Almost like rum-like.
Palate herbal, dry and sherry-like.

Glenfarclas 1970 / £5.988
Has darkest hue of them all.
Nose – super oak combined with fruity malt loaf. Palate rum spicy.

Glenfarclas 1976 / £3,999
For me most interesting. Nose offered saline notes with green grass notes.

Glenfarclas 1984 / £5,500
*4th fill Hogshead
**first vintage after Glenfarclas was shut down few years
Nose is fairly fresh, tropical fruits, banana, spices. Hue is extremely light compared to others.

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