Tofu – cheese from China

Tofu..tofu /cheese from China as Benjamin Franklin once said while visiting London. It’s a weird thing. Most of my life didn’t know what it is or how is it made. Lately started using and testing it. Seems rather interesting, bland, at first tasteless. Here in London, there’s a huge selection of tofus. From silken smooth to category 5, which I think resembles something like a mature … Continue reading Tofu – cheese from China

Tartin tatin

There so many and great recipes of taste eating online, that you just had to find yours and just try it out. Here’s how I did it: 4 Pink Lady apples (some sites recommend Braeburn, Cox) 100-150g golden caster sugar 50g unsalted butter puff pastry (500g pack sold in stores, 2 leaves – you will need 1) cinnamon Before you start making it, make sure … Continue reading Tartin tatin

Charles Heidsieck – from sleeping beauty to phoenix

This summer I accomplised one of my biggest dreams – to visit Champagne. I was in the middle of Ay vines, sweating in 37 degrees and realising the depth of hard work behind of a Champagne production. It’s something more and different than just being educated specialist. You have to be a natural born with capability to understand, value, assess every spectre of the business … Continue reading Charles Heidsieck – from sleeping beauty to phoenix

Chateau l’Evangile

    Pomerol AOC / Owned by Domaines Barons de Rothschild Operated by Charles Chevalier Annual production: 2,000 – 3,000 cases Classification: unclassified II wine: Blason de L’ Evangile Chateau L’Evangile is not only one of the oldest estates in Pomerol but it is widely considered as one of the original great growths. It was Legise family from Libourne who put the winery on the … Continue reading Chateau l’Evangile

London Wine Fair 2016 / Вина в Казахстане

Last week one of the greatest wine trade fairs in London was held – London Wine Fair 2016. It was 36th time when hundreds-thousands of traders, producers, sommeliers, merchants gathered for different business purposes. London Wine Fair is an enormous fair. This year I decided to take the fair lightly, just walk around and discover randomly. A withing the first visiting hour I found what … Continue reading London Wine Fair 2016 / Вина в Казахстане