It’s tiny intimate Indian kitchen just in the center of London, located near Spitafield market.

11 White’s Row, London E1 7NF
Great transport connection: Liverpool St Station or Aldgate East station


  • capacity ca 20 people no more
  • only walk-in (no reservations)
  • door will open for dinner at 5pm

It’s not that classic approach: starters, mains, sides etc. Just ‘Plates’ and ‘Desserts’. So depends how hungry are you. What they recommended was just to pick many dishes and to share, which was brilliant. I always trust the waiter and I don’t hesitate to ask questions such as:

  1. Is this (what we ordered) enough for 2 of us?
  2. What do you recommend? (this is a question I always ask when I’m visiting for the 1st time. It’s kind of crucial to taste the most selling signatures) Don’t you agree?

Always liked simple setting:

Have to highlight the service. Just amazing! Very welcoming, friendly and helpful. It’s the charm of those little authentic places.

Food was very delicious and well recommended. Great quality and fair price.

Menu >



I never take pictures of the restrooms, it is weird I know. But I was really pleased to find great brand in the toilet. It’s a detail I’ve always checked.

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