Hibiki Japanese Harmony

First steps into the mighty whiskey world have been taken, thanks to my significant other.

Luckily, the first whiskey is Japanese origin, country very close to mine. There are many great articles, blogs etc about this great product. Here’s a list you should definitely look in to:

Horst Leuning, the one and only master whiskey taster and blogger!

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hibiki (whisky) – General info about the

Hibiki Harmony truly expresses ”light complexity” and is the ‘gateway whiskey’, no doubt about it.

Here’s really funny 2 connoisseur guys called Whisk(e)y Vault.

Here they are telling ‘their’ story about Hibiki.

So here is my Hibiki Harmony description using WSET Level 4 SAT .

Appearance: Clear / pale-golden intensity

Nose: Clean / medium intensity, nose offers elegant floral combination, hints of candied orange peel, hints of honey and beeswax. Touch of fudge-,caramel-like sweetness.

Palate: Dry / warming alcohol / medium body / medium intensity. Flavour characteristics are dominated by spicy oak, cinnamon, thyme, orange and some kind of pepper..
Flavor intensity is medium, with long finish.

Conclusion: Good quality. Has balance, long finish. Lacking a bit of complexity and intensity. Oak use is well integrated and lifting some spice up at the end. In general nice fruity and subtle spicy character. Soft, smooth and round.

All the labels are unique made from very special Echizen paper -> http://www.echizenwashi.jp/english/aboutus/history.html


It seems that Amazon provides best price for it – £54.99
Whiskey Exchange – £65.55
Master of Malt – £65.420

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