Fudge is a candy/confectionery well known among Brits and Americans. No one knows exactly how it was invented, but some evidence refer to Baltimore, US.

You can buy fudge almost everywhere. It comes with different variations, styles, etc.
The one I fell is based in Cumbria, UK – The Toffee Shop.



Online ordering available! Delivery came in 2 days.

By far the best fudge I ever had. It’s hard to describe the rich, unique taste and mouthfeel to any other candy. It’s just better to find out yourself.

Excellent gift idea. All 3 boxes £30ish

It takes just milk, sugar and butter and ofc a genuine recipe. Toffee Shop has used their special recipe for 90 years now.


There’s many videos on youtube how to make it. Seems relatively easy. Here’s one by tesco:

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