Krug Collection tasting in Moët-Hennessy UK headquater

There is one champagne I truly like more than any other and it´s Krug. And I´m talking about Grande Cuvee! I´ve tasted one or two Collection´s in my past but never so many all at once, in a same room and in the heart. Since I´m working in Mayfair, Murano as a sommelier we are also Krug ambassadors. Beside representing and selling Krug there are venues we are we invited to. And one of those just happened few days ago. My heart was pounding and I felt piece of heaven when I had entered into Moët-Hennessy UK headquater in Grosvenor Gardens. The artistic office building was like stylish museum where carefully selected furniture and sophisticated floral creation fed my soul.

It was was an open venue and when I arrived 3pm Jennifer (responsible person of global marketing) was talking about Krug Collection. We tried many drifferent vintages and sizes. Starting from Krug 2000, 2003, Clos du Mesnil 2003, Krug Collection 1989 magnum … Fantastic event I must say. All the sensatsion and emotion what happened inside of me its hard to just put in words and write in a blog. I decided to keep the shivers private.

Sante Krug!

Tuesday with Moët & Chandon Grand Vintage Collection

Just yesterday I had a great opportunity to taste Moët & Chandon vintages in a vertical degustation organised by official reseller Prike in Hotel Telegraaf.

Grand Vinatges 2006, 2004, 2002, Grand Vintage Collection 1999, 1985 magnum, Grand Vintage Rose 2004, Rose 2002, Grand Vintage Collection Rose 1990.

While working in Helsinki we had Moët & Chandon as a official champagne. I have tasted many other Grand Vintages but 1985 magnum and Grand Vintage Collection 1990 rose was first time for me.

1985 was surprisingly lively, striking good fruity character and yet still fresh nature. The colour of these old champagnes are very unique. Hue varied from mature gold to amber orange.

1990 rose was one of my favourites. Looking at the colour I just thought there should be new word invented to describe older rose champagnes because it wasn´t a classical rose colour at all. The colour was really beautiful and unusual. Something like amber orange resembling persimmon-pumpkin colour. Nose was really fruity and attractive. Taste had really good balance and finish so long I can easily recall it like it was a moment ago.

2006 which I had tried in last year with Moët-Hennessy Finland was more evolved. At that time it was little bit too crisp and acidic. Now it had everything a `young´ vintage champagne could possesse: light and fresh body, refreshing and refined acidity and pleasant fruitiness.

Never had a chance to try 2002 in regular bottle. Magnum 2002 was a champagne I used every workday in Chez Dominique and until this day I can say that it had exceptional quality. While magnum is mature, the regular bottled 2002 would be best after 10 more years I suppose.


A very bubbly degustation ended with the best pelmeni ever in restaurant Tchaikovsky (Russian dumplings).


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