Restaurant: Hibiscus London 26/03

So for the first time since I moved here I had my first fine dining experience at Hibiscus. Hibiscus is run by French Chef Claude Bosi. Now I have heard about Bosi and his celebrated creation through media and reading Hibiscus wiki page, I´m stunned how public is the information on stuff. Par example: “During the run up to Christmas, the stress of serving 550 covers a week in a new location with a modified menu resulted in three sous chefs resigning.´´ Anyway it has interesting michelin-history with its own ups and downs.

As from beginning from entering the restaurant, greeting reception and been directed to nice table was nice and smooth. There was no question so we choose 6 course surprise tasting menus. All between the courses like service, restaurants ambient and how people moved was excellent and really really enjoyable. When courses started to come and go we felt that there is definitely room for improvement. But that improvement just didn´t come. 1 dish out of 6 was good and that was Cornish Cod “a la Grenobloise´´.

Since I´m hugh fan of foie gras I was really happy when we got it as a 5th course. Sadly it turned out that it tasted like liver and by that I want to say that I despise liver taste.I´ve experienced many forms of foie like mousse, torchon etc and I really know how it should taste. Yes foie gras is a special liver which has been fattened but shouldn´t taste like average poultry liver.

Sadly I hoped for better food. It wasn´t like the food was bad just didn´t followed my expectations at all. When the food came it was explained in very detaile. I realised that the stuff who explained was from abroad I had some difficulties of understaning. After few times of ask to repeat I gave up. As I heard there was too many detailed on the plates that I couldn´t feel and the whole taste was somehow bland and didn´t have character.

Sommelier team was mainly consisting of beautiful young females. Nice recommendations.

I truly expected more from Hibiscus because my manager at Murano warmly recommended it and heard nice things about it.

Before Hibiscus we had stunning aperitifs in Purl which is like a underground cave like cocktail bar – 50-54 Blandford Street. Marvellous cocktails with funky names and fascinating performance side. To be sure definitely book a tabel.

And our digestives took place in Sager+Wilde on 193 Hackney Rd. Wow – what an amazing place it was. We arrived quite late but had probably the best time of my day behind the bar counter with my guest and people who I actually didn´t know. Had a great chat about wine and people and enjoying a 1976 Cabernet Franc (Bourgeuil). Wow that was a moment there!

weekend in London

Just recently visited London for the first time. I have never been so overwhelmed and drunk from emotions.

There was nice spring weather with 16°C. Cherry trees where blooming everywhere and the feeling was so nice. First 2 night we spent in a bed and breakfast hotel in Stamford Hill, Hackney. Little did we know about that place but surprise was big when we realized that it´s a jew district. Wiki says: The area is particularly known for its 30,000 Hasidic Jews, making it the largest concentration of Haredi Jews in Europe. Hasidic (`loving-kindness´) Jews is a branch of Orthodox Judaism that promotes spirituality through the popularization and internalization of Jewish mysticism as the fundamental aspect of the faith. IMG_3147Saturday morning 8 am in Stamford Hill (above). We saw a lot of jews. Sounds weird really but I mean nothing bad. It was just strange to adapt with the scene. Peculiar thing about jews were their hats. In the morning they wore hats with thin edges as we all know but in the evening they had totally different ones called kolpik (Google). Resembles old Russian winter hat. Anyway it took around 45 min from Hackney to center. City was hugh and cause we didn´t have any plan we just wondered around. London is heaven on earth if we speak about food and wine – no doubt! So we popped in one place and discovered nice vegetarian Thai place – Siam eatery (24 Wellington Street, Opera Quater; fb: siameatery). Small place with couple of seats, but mostly `grab & go´ type.

There were different hot pots, noodle soups, salads and siamwiches. All around £3.85 to £5.6. Gluten free, Vegetarian and Spicy symbols everywhere.

photo (1)


Why isn´t here in Estonia anything like that??? :/ 

After that we went to Covent Garden which was former fruit and vegetable market in the central square, now a popular shopping and tourist place full of pubs, restaurants and pubs. And every pub entrance was crowded with bunch of people standing, drinking beer and socializing. 

Second day was a day I waited especially. About month ago I booked a tabel and a glorious lunch in L´Atelier de Joël Robuchon arrived. London Atelier has 1 Michelin star; Tokyo, Paris, Monaco have 2 stars; Macau and Hong Kong have 3 stars. 1 star was just enough for us.


Aperitifs on a classy rooftop terrace to where our host directed.

In the whiskey glass Orange Blossom (Woodford Bourbon, Apricot pieces, Maple Syrup, Crème d’Apricot, finished with sprays of Orange Blossom Water) and I had Yuzu Pisco in the Martini glass (Pisco 1615, Yuzu Juice, Fresh Lemon Juice, Egg White, Agave Syrup). I was impressed and happy to choose a really goodcoctail. The whipped egg white on top garnished with dried orange slice was a thing I really enjoyed. I have been judge in many Estonian bartender´s championships and never seen That! £12 each (14.59 eur) – for me it´s not cheap. But it was worth it. 

Salon Bar inside:

After a while we felt ready to go and our host was called with a tray taking our unfinished coctails and guiding to our seats on the Ground Floor. The actual dinner area was in the middle (2 floor) but the lunch menu is served in very cool dark athmophere like ground floor area.


Dishes where beautifully composed, very inspiring. It seemed like every detail was well thought. And how the food tasted was just perfect. 

I wrote in the caption about details of dishes. I found out that there was 5 Sommeliers all together working in that L´Atelier. Our Sommelier was Tania Solito – so nice and friendly young female Sommelier. She served to us Pesquera 2003 and oak influenced Pinot Bianco from Trentino. We had a lovely discussion about Trentino, South Tyrol and on Slovenian culture influence on wines. Which evolved to Marjan Simčič tasting. Thank you, Tania for that : )

It was all so good and we cried inside over the splendid tastes we had.

Next stop was Trafalgar Square and National Gallery. We where surprised when we got there the streets and the square was full of feathers. It took a while to realize  it was international pillow fight day.

When we finished touring around the city took a metro to Dalston Junction/ back to far-far Hackney. One of the reason we took that weekend trip was one particular party we wanted to attend. If you know the artists on line up list then you know what I´m talking about.

On last day we enjoyed some shopping in Boxpark Shoreditch which is pop-up mall with different cool brands. On top there where many pop up cafes e.g. one was named Bukowski. On the ground floor Hype, OnePiece even Marimekko was there. Really cool place to browse around. In the evening we bought some sushi from and took direction to hotel near Standsted Aiport.

Lovely city, full of different cuisines, tastes and opportunities : ) Was easy to fell in love.

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