Meeting Marjan Simcic

In the beginning of August I enjoyed my holidays in my home country Estonia and discovering steep vine slopes of Goriška Brda and sunny Adriatic coast of Piran.

Piran is a small summer city in the southwest corner of Slovenia. With medieval architecture and narrow streets you can easily fell in love with it.

It was 11th of August 11.30 am when we arrived to Ceglo 3b, stepped out into 35 degree hotness from our rented car. It has been few years crazy dream of mine to meet that amazing wine producer. And I have to thank Tania Solito for pouring me a glass of magnum Opoka Sauvignon Blanc in Joel Robuchon Atelier few years ago in London that enchanted me so greatly. So thank you, Tania!


First thing we met Marjan himself and after his wife Valerija made an introduction in their backyard with a view to their vineyards. It was 40 degrees for sure, and that cool turquoise blue pool outside was so inviting to just jump in. After that we proceeded to air conditioned tastinghouse which led us downstairs to winery.

Marijan Simcic is 5h generation producer who is considered one of the best in the country. He and his ancestors believe in soil, which was once under sea. Thousands of years passed and now they have a mineral rich limestone land which gives such unique wines. That very best soil gives a name to their premium wine called Opoka. Opoka is the name for a marl. They are situated in the western part of Slovenia which is called Primorsk (Littoral). Mediterranean climate is the dominant factor here.

Marjan with his wife Valerija, son and parents.
Simcic family

They follow the steps of their (grand)father, vinifyng and producing wine in the most natural way. There is no other way..!

It was all what I expected and even more. Valerija did a profound introduction of history and wine cellars until white wines. Marijan came in suddenly and switched places continuing with with red wines.

Their wines fall into 3 categories: Brda Classic, Cru Selections, Opoka Cru.

Here in London and elsewhere in UK the official supplier is Bancroft Wines –

Warmly recommend!

More pictures will be uploaded soon …

Chiltern Firehouse / hoy empiezan mis vacaciones 2015 (30/07)

First time dined at Chiltern Firehouse tonight.

Booking was 6 pm. Arrived 10 min earlier and had a glass of Prosecco in the bar (9). Stuff came in like it was an army. Pretty nice view.

Good start. Crab stuffed donuts, Australian Truffle and Smoked eel. Mains: Wild Seabass with baby Jersey Royals, seaweed hollandaise and medium Iberico pork, seared courgette and Swiss chard pickle.

Smoked medium cooked Iberico pork which was just divine experience!!!
Smoked medium cooked Iberico pork which was just divine experience!!!

I also met C. Firehouse Sommelier – Roman? I think he is French. So nice guy who had excellent wine list. Starting with American Grüner Veltliner to Eric Rodez champagne. I really enjoyed his natural gallant appearance with nice moderate amount of humour! We (Sommeliers) are in a way entertainers. He also gave me few small glasses to blind taste. Since today I´m officially on holidays next 2 weeks and I dont want to see wine…. I just couldn´t resist and had a nice tasting/conversation with him. Thumbs up! Any other time in my private life I try to avoid these moment. Being constantly processing wine is exhausting. I hope any Sommelier reading this can relate..?! Speak your mind..

Willamette Pinoo
Willamette Pinoo

The wine was recommended by Sommelier – which was just what we needed. Refined elegant body, maximum finesse, moss and subtle forestfloor. It´s WILLAMETTE VALLEY PINOO baby! (38 / 37,5 cl )

Service was brilliant. Not over pushed. Not shallow or fake. For me it seemed sincere and caring. Big thank you to all of you! Bisous.

Dining at Chiltern F. is not cheap / 2 starters, 1 snack, 2 mains, 1/5 wine and few aperetives = ca 250 money

Will go there definitely next time but will try to hit the terrace and enjoy some wine in a cool ambient whenever I feel going posh. Walk-ins ony as I heard.

Being very happy and very exhausted at the same time. premium league of multitasking

Happy Holidays!

Bisous! XoXo

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